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Yireh is a specialized pharmacovigilance services targeted to provide services to the pharmaceutical and the healthcare industries based in the UK. We have experience in providing pharmacovigilance, medical information, pharmacovigilance audits, due diligence and staffing solutions to small medium and large size pharmaceutical companies. Our clients are based out in UK and EU.

We provide tailor made services at reasonable prices that suits well with our customers.

Our pharmacovigilance support range from full, 24/7 assistance service with global coverage, to tailored services based on clients needs. We are small and energetic team based in UK and across the EU territories.

Our experience

We have a wealth of experience and expertise across many therapeutic areas and currently provides support to clients with products either authorised or under development within wide range of areas such as cancer treatments, infectious diseases, oncology, cardiovascular diseases and other therapeutic areas. Pharmacovigilance services offered consist of but are not limited to pharmacovigilance consulting – e.g. benefit-risk analysis, Safety data exchange agreement (SDEA), Development of risk management plans (RMPs), Development of pharmacovigilance system master file (PSMF), Auditing services, Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs), post-marketing and aggregate report writing, literature search.

The high quality of provided pharmacovigilance consulting services is primarily ensured by the expertise and knowledge of PV and Medical Information (MI) professionals

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading healthcare service provider.

Yireh consultancy is committed to deliver the best Pharmacovigilance services in UK and Europe. Being an integral member of the PV team responsible for the outcomes associated with the Pharmacovigilance process.

Yireh has been effective in providing the required PV services to us in timely manner.

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